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Workout Of The Day
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Skills & Strength - Rope Climb

Conditioning - 10 Round Of : 1 min
10 Burpees Over the bar
Max Reps Of Power Clean & Jerk
*Rest 2 min Between Round

8 Burpees Over The Bar
3 Thrusters

Hang Squat Snatch 5X6reps 

AMRAP 16min  
9 Toes To Bar 
15 Push Ups 
21 Double Unders 

Bear Complex 

Ring Dips 
GHD Sit Ups 
Sumo DeadLift HP 

Tabata Static 
Pull ups

Part 1 - WeigthLifting 
Clean & Jerk 
5 Sets Of 3 Reps 80-85% From RM1

Part 2 - Conditioning 
400m RUN
600m ROW 
400m RUN
600m ROW 

Part 3 - STATIC
4 Round 
Hold 30sec Hand Stand 
Hold 30sec L-Sit 
Hold 30sec Goblet Squat 
Hold 30sec Superman 

Skills - 10 min 
Build to a Max Height 3 Deficit HSPU

Strength - EMOM 6 min 
1 Power Snatch 
2 Hang Squat Snatch
* +5Kg On the Barbell Every min

Conditioning - 6 Round 
200m Run 
10 Cal Row/Bike 
10 T2B

Crossfit Total

15min Find you RM1
Back Squat

15min Find you RM1
Shoulder Press

15min Find you RM1

Strength - 15 min find Max weight
Weighted Pull Ups
Weighted Ring Dips 

Conditioning - AFAP
42 Thrusters
34 Clusters 
*On the min 3 Burpees 

Core - TABATA 
Hollow Body Hold